Daniel Kagan-Kans

I’m a writer and editor from Maryland living in New York. dkagankans@gmail.com to reach me personally, sarah.fuentes@unitedtalent.com to reach my agent, Sarah.

A few projects and publications

Bathing/Banya with BBB—a limited-edition shirt

The Beautiful, Miraculous, and Boring Blue Planet—a review of the David Attenborough nature series

The Grand Gelinaz! Shuffle—what happens when a star chef swaps kitchens

Beyond Unspeakable—an essay in the catalogue for the artist Yishai Jusidman’s show “Prussian Blue”

Machel Montano HD—an interview with the soca star

The Redneck Arcadia—how the world caught up to Trailer Park Boys

That Holocaust Feeling—the Oscar-winning Son of Saul drops viewers into the heart of Auschwitz, but what’s the point?

The Fool and the Assassin—an homage to Danny Kaye

All Her Worldly Goods—a look at Irene Nemirovsky

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